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JHB | 2-3 MAR - CT | 24 FEB - DBN | 27 FEB



Welcome to the world of Sinai Indaba.

Sinai Indaba has become the annual highlight of the South African Jewish calendar, and continues to exceed expectations year after year.

The event attracts the highest calibre of world-renowned speakers and thinkers, bringing together thousands of people who participate in a spirit of unity and celebration.

Since Sinai’s inception, it has brought together South African Jews of every persuasion to celebrate, reaffirm and strengthen the strong moral vision and core values of our community.

Encouragingly, Sinai Indaba continues to grow, attracting top international Jewish speakers and personalities and an ever-increasing audience. Nationally, over 7 000 people attend, with huge events in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Sinai Indaba’s success is due to the generous support of a group of dedicated corporate and private benefactors who loyally support the project.